How to survive unemployment

Since graduating from University, I have had a few spouts of unemployment. So I have decided to reveal to you the ways in which I have survived the perils of not being able to look on Topshop online or eBay without dying a little bit inside.

  1. If you need to sign on at the job centre SIGN ON The money is there for you and do not be ashamed of it. See it as being a twenty-something graduate or school leaver who is currently employed to look for work.

2.Bake,cook,knit,sew You don’t have to bake a cake, try a completely new recipe you have never tried before and spend the whole afternoon attempting to cook it, believe me it is very therapeutic.


3.Join the gym or an exercise class I spent my first year after university raiding my parent’s fridge and feeling sorry for myself. Exercise will make you feel a lot better, even if it’s as simple as a 30 minute walk to the park or local shops on a daily basis.

  1. Sell items you don’t use Clear out that university wardrobe of all those dresses from New Look that you now cringe at the thought of wearing on a night out.1459273_10152047967677128_943058287_n


5.Volunteer or join a club Whilst being unemployed, I have done various activities including helping at a drama club for disabled adults, becoming an assistant Beaver scout leader and volunteering in schools.

6.Paid Surveys  I currently have an addiction for completing  online surveys, I have to admit they do become a little boring  after a while  especially after going through a hundred surveys on supermarket shopping ,but eventually you will able to claim a high street voucher just in time for Christmas. I am currently on Toluna and YouGov.


7.Don’t compare yourself to others You are just as employable as everyone else and let’s face it those in a 27k job might not even particularly enjoy it, just because there life seems perfect and pretty on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Make and sell craft things My mum has an obsession for making things ,so last year I decided to help her sell things at craft fairs and online. We didn’t sell much, but that’s not the point. It kept me out of the house and meeting new people.1471401_10152024497582128_1638396767_n

9.CV You have all the time in the world to jazz up your CV, ring companies and to get as many applications done in a record breaking time (In the next post will go into more detail of this!)

  1. Help your family out You are most probably relying on your parents at home. So make dinner, decorate the lounge (with their permission of course!) and be a good boiled egg. One of my favourite family duties is writing my Nan’s shopping list and clearing out her fridge (believe me listening to her request 8 packets of ham never fails to cheer me up)1609564_10152183951012128_1996357136_n

So stay positive and listen to the song ‘Things can only get better’ by D:ream because believe me they will!


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