The Do’s and Don’ts during a job interview

I have been to many interviews and sometimes made many mistakes, so here are my Do’s and Donuts….

Don’t walk into to an interview wearing your nose stud and chewing gum, it looks unprofessional.First impressions are crucial within the interview process.

Do dress in smart attire but wear something  that you feel comfortable in (without looking like Boy George of course).


This panelled checked dress from Warehouse is perfect for an interview, not only is it knee length but it gives out  a sense of  power! It makes you say inside ‘you will get that job, you are a professional and qualified to do this shit.’


I overheard a women say the other day that shoes are crucial for first impressions during an interview.My mom says I should always wear flats because I am 5ft9, not everyone is so fortunate (sarcasm there). So these suede mid-heels from Office are perfection in my eyes.

Do come prepared, bring a pen and a portfolio of documents even if  not requested, it’ll make you look organised.

Don’t come across as too confident,I once went to an interview  where another candidate was acting as if she had the job already,it did not help myself nor the other interviewees with our own self esteem.

Do make conversation with other candidates , after all they are in the same nerve racking position as yourself.Chatting to other candidates is also a great way of networking and hearing about other job opportunities.There really is nothing worse than being sat in an office for an hour not talking to anybody.Even if you make conversation about Christmas shopping or the weather,it still helps lighten the mood.

Don’t talk about politics during the interview , I made this mistake on one of my first ever interviews and have definitely learnt my lesson.

Do write a list the night before of questions you may be asked during the interview. Make sure you research the companies statistics,ethos and history.Interviewers need to know that you are suitable for the job,so having that extra bit of knowledge can go a very long way.

Don’t panic, yes this is easier said than done, but take your time to think about the answers rather than rush and mumble.


My main advice is to relax,be yourself and show em whatcha made of!




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