10 Reasons To Be Cheerful

It’s not quite  Christmas yet but the topic is arising every day.The shelves in the supermarkets are full of fondant fancies but you don’t want to feel like one of the teletubbies before the day arrives  itself. The pressure is now on to buy the perfect present for the mother and  to tell your nan that you don’t want her to buy something ‘saucy’ for Christmas(yes saucy is currently my nan’s favourite  word).

So here are 10 reasons to be cheerful despite the temperature dropping and the darkness arising at 4 o’clock.

1.Paddington bear hits the cinema screens this Friday! Book your tickets online with Cineworld.

2. It’s now acceptable to drink mulled wine on any occasion.


3.Miranda is coming back for a Christmas special and her final episodes. I am sure it’ll be emotional but hopefully we shall see her finally get with Gary!

4.Only 5 weeks till we can binge on  half price perfume gift sets in boots.

5.Friends finally arrives on Netflix  on New Years Day.Time to reminiscence about the time you thought your twenties would be hanging out in a Coffee house with your friends all day instead of working.

6.You can currently download Charles Dicken’s classic novel  A Christmas Carol on the iBooks App for free. This has certainly got me in a festive mood but even more excited to watch The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

7.The annual staff Christmas parties are coming up .Time to have a sherry and a dance with Sheila ,who you rely on for favours at work.

8.The X-factor will soon be over for another year meaning  that we won’t have to hear about Cheryl Cole and the new recruit of fake celebrities for a very long while (or forever I hope).

9.The seasonal Snow Fairy range is available from Lush. Below is a photo of a ‘haul’ I did a month or so ago.


10. And Finally it’s only 32 Days till Christmas and December next week!


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