Did the characters in Friends really have the perfect lives?

As it is twenty years since the first ever episode of Friends aired this year. There has been much discussion on the internet, consisting of  ‘When I was in my teens, I expected my life to be like Friends’ and now I feel like my life is a lie etc..

So the other night I decided to watch it from the beginning and remembered some of the tough times each of the characters went through.

Rachel: The daddy’s girl who decided to cut up her credit card and start from the bottom by taking a job as a barrister in Central Perk.


Joey :The struggling actor who went from job to job and lost his role on Days of our lives.


Chandler:Chandler quit his IT management role after being forced to live in Tulsa and his boss making a pass at him. He then had to work as an office junior for a while.


Ross:Had a year off work after the breakdown of his marriage after he said ‘Rachel’ at the altar and went psychotic over his colleague eating his turkey sandwich.


Monica: Got fired from her job so had to set up her own catering business and then got with her dad’s best friend Richard (Tom Selleck , well who wouldn’t?).


Phoebe: Well,Phoebe was always Phoebe getting up to lots of mischief, but had to go against her will by going corporate in massage therapy to earn extra bucks.


So there we have it life wasn’t always peachy for our ‘Friends’. Although, Monica was very lucky to have that nice apartment from her late Grandmother they struggled through some tough times and dated some very weird people. It is always important to remember that fiction is fiction, so don’t compare your life to programmes like Friends or New Girl either.

Let’s face it , do we even have the time to hang out with our friends everyday in the real world?

Were we really going to step into a 25k a year job straight after finishing university?

Sadly, we are going go through some rough patches in our lives but the good times will make up for this,I promise.Just keep smiling and stay positive.


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