Being a Twenty-something in the City Vs Small Town

As a graduate who once upon a time studied in London.I am often  jealous of those still living the city life in fancy bars and hipster restaurants but lets face it there really are pros and cons to living anywhere, so lets go compare.


City: A 6am start from your place to get to the other side of London for 9am .Problems will include tube strikes, accidents and signal failures on the way.

Small Town: Early morning start without having to battle with rude people everyday.Problems will include tractors,flooding and extreme weather making you 2 hours late for work.

Evening Activities

City: Happy hour and then onto some trendy bars or restaurants with your pals.Problems may include mid week hangovers.

Rural: Choir ,helping out at the local youth club and the gym. Problems may include being bored to death if you have no hobbies or drinking buddies.


City :Your work pals and some old uni friends you often see in the city

Small Town: Cats and the girls from Work. Occasionally you catch up with your old school friends who are now practically married or have children.

Love life

City:Tinder and Cats (but you don’t own one because your landlord won’t let you)

Small Town:Cats and did I mention more cats?


City: You instagram  your fancy meals from hipster restaurants but when you eat at your own place it’s beans on toast or pasta .

Small Town:A delicious hearty meal made  by the  lovely parentals. Since being back at home you feel as though you have become the next Nigella Lawson ,conjuring up all sorts of fancy dishes that your  friends in the city would never even have the time to cook.

Cost of Living 

City: 6x gourmet duck eggs from Tesco  at £3 a pack.

Small Town: A tray of free range eggs from the farm shop for £3.


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